DualCupTech – EVO386/392 (Shimano)


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DCTech 46_24

The best press fit bottom bracket compatible with road (EVO386) and mountain (EVO392) bikes for Shimano cranks.



  • Bearing: Chromium Steel – ABEC5 / P5 – Radial & axial seals
  • Cups: Aluminum 6061 T6 matt anodized
  • Sealing: Radial and axial dual sealing


Assembly specs:

  • Frame diameter: Ø46mm
  • Frame width: from 86.5mm to 92mm (Compatible for both mountain and road bikes)
  • Cranks diameter: Ø24mm (Shimano)


Note: For a correct compatibility, mountain cranks should be always mount on mountain frames and road cranks on road frames.

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DualCupTech™ is here to redefine how a bottom bracket should be designed. A minimalist design in which every curve and edge has an actual purpose.

DualCupTech™ Principles:

The most common issues with a bottom bracket are premature wear of the bearings, high friction when pedalling and unpleasant noises. After hours of research and tests, we have found that the factor with the greatest influence on this issue is the concentricity error between the bearings on both sides. Off-centre or oversized housings can lead to this type of problems.

DualCupTech™ automatically aligns bearing faces regardless of external factors. This alignment between the bearings on both sides is crucial and special care is taken in the manufacturing process to reduce this concentricity value to a minimum. The results are incredible, extremely smooth pedalling from day one.

DualCupTech™ is not only capable of self-aligning the bearings, but creates a strong central joint without requiring threads or single-piece designs. The result after assembly is that the bottom bracket performs as a solid part and eliminates any noise or movement issues.

“Form follows function”

DualCupTech™ is not designed to be complex – quite the opposite. It can be assembled and disassembled like any other bottom bracket, without requiring special wrenches or complex instructions.

FullySealed: Every dust particle or water droplet is a potential cause of bearing noise or wear. That is why all our bottom brackets are fitted with up to five O-rings to keep dust, water, mud and moisture out of the bottom bracket.

Axial Seals:
All our bearings are fitted with not one but TWO seals to protect against dust and moisture ingress. This section is crucial for maximum durability and performance of the bottom bracket.

6061-T6 aluminium: Aerospace quality and precision in one of the most capable aluminiums. Moreover, we have developed a particularly scratch-resistant matt anodising with a finish that would be worthy of any art gallery.

T6 heat treatment: For most aluminium alloys: 6061, 6063 and 7075, the best heat treatment is T6. The T6 heat treatment delivers increased hardness as well as other mechanical properties such as normalisation of its grain structure. This guarantees that all our aluminium products will perform perfectly throughout their service life.

High precision CNC Machined: All our products are manufactured with the help of the best CNC machines on the market providing incredible precision in complex geometries. This is critical to achieve minimal deviations in the concentricity of our DualCupTech™ and its tolerances across all surfaces.

Dimensions 135 × 60 × 60 mm


Crankset Diameter

24mm (Shimano)

Frame Diameter

Frame Width

86.5, 92


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